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Table of Contents


About the Author

From the Author




SECTION 1.  Foundation

1.  What Insurance Was:  Prepare to Get Angry

2.  Automobile Insurance; Get Good Coverage

3.  The Language and The Basic Laws Governing Accidents

4.  Myths About What Happens After an Accident

5.  Who Pays Me?

(A) Vehicle Damage

(B) Injuries

(C) Out of State Accidents

6.  Proving How it Happened


SECTION 2.  On Your Own

7.  Procedures and Timing of “Things” After an Accident

8.  Negotiating Yourself


SECTION 3.  Attorney Help

9.    Do You Need an Attorney?

10.  What Your Attorney Does For You – A Summary

11.  Details, Details, Details


SECTION 4.  Compensation For Your Car

12.  Car Repair and Property Damage Resolution

13.  Diminished Value After Repairs

14.  The Nuts and Bolts of the Repair Process


SECTION 5.  Compensation For Your Injuries

15.  Damages Evidence

16.  What is Your Case Worth?

17.  When Someone Dies In An Accident

18.  Compensation for Lost Wages & Income

19.  Resolving Your Case:  Settlement, Court, Mediation, Arbitration

20.  Additional Cases

21.  Punitive Damages

22.  Structured Settlements



SECTION 6.  Cases Other than Car vs. Car

23.  Lions and Tigers and Bears

(A) Pedestrians

(B) Passenger vs. Driver

(C) Bus Collisions

(D) Truck and Commercial Vehicle Collisions

(E) Hit & Run Accidents

(F) Drunk Drivers

(G) Multiple Accidents in Short Period of Time

(H) Unlicensed Drivers

(I) Drivers Using Vehicle Without Permission

24.  Claims Against Government, Government Employees

(A) Federal Government

(B) State Government


SECTION 7.  Limiting Laws, or Why You Cannot Keep All of the Money

25. Tort Reform

26. Liens and Laws

27. No Fault Laws

28. The Collateral Source Rule

29. Balance Billing

30. Dram Shop Laws and Social Host Liability

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