As a lifelong resident of the Washington, D.C. area, I came back after law school and began my practice of law in 1980. I rented an office near the courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, choosing to make a go of it myself rather than joining a firm.  I had a general practice that included all varieties of cases in many fields.  Within a few years l began limiting my practice to helping injury victims, and since the mid-1980’s I have handled only injury claims, representing plaintiffs, never defendants, and never insurance companies.

Now, I have six offices around the region and I employ 13 people.  I am licensed in Maryland and Virginia.

I have handled over 20,000 cases as a solo practice attorney.

I have NEVER represented an insurance company. I am a plaintiff’s attorney, and I am proud of that.  My personality would never allow me to represent insurance companies. They do not care about you.  I do, and my professional goal in life is to help as many people as I can, because I know that most people do not normally have the information or the tools they need to properly fight the fight.

This is my second book.  I wrote a short 48 page book I titled The 8 Critical Things Your Auto Accident Attorney Won’t Tell You in 2009, and in the Introduction I said my purpose was to educate you.  In fact, I confess, there was another purpose.  I wanted to attract more clients.  I believed that if someone read my book, they would have a good opinion of me, and then, if an automobile collision occurred, they would contact me.  I printed over 100,000 copies and distributed the book in the areas where I practice law, using a distribution company.

The response to that book was overwhelming.  My secondary motive, attracting more clients, was realized.  The overwhelming part was the response that came, thanking me for providing the information.  Thousands of people called or emailed me, with “thank you” sentiments and telling me “I wish I knew this when I had my accident.” I was truly taken aback.

What I wrote in that book I now expand, and my “more clients” motive has disappeared, because I do not expect this book to serve as a marketing device.  I am writing this book because, while I relished the praise from readers of the first book, I do not need the praise and I want to help you and as many people as I can.

In my years of practice, I have listened to far too many victims of automobile accidents with complaints about insurance companies, repair facilities, police, doctors, and even about lawyers, in short, all of the “players” in the process following the collision.

My time, every working day, is devoted to helping injury and auto collision victims.  I am committed to fighting the big insurance companies who see people as numbers, and to delivering effective and honest legal services.  The problem is that sometimes  any number of even well meaning people, or the legal system, or both, get in the way of delivering that help.

I am currently a legal analyst on a local radio show, on which I discuss legal matters, provide commentary and opinions, and routinely offer a “tip of the day.”  I am also a columnist for the online forum called “Communities” with The Washington Times.

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