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Section 1 of my book, titled Foundation, prepares the reader for the details of every aspect of being involved in an automobile collision.  I begin with a very comprehensive discussion about automobile insurance in the first chapter, and as part of the title warns “Prepare to Get Angry,” the reader is going to be shocked, and then angry, and then will ultimately understand what he or she is up against in making a claim against an auto insurance company.

Section 1 will educate the reader by introducing them to what insurance coverage is needed and why.   The section’s chapters describe basic insurance industry terms and basic laws governing claims, dispel common myths and misunderstandings about what happens after an accident, and sets out basic tenets of legal responsibility.

Section 2 of my book, titled On Your Own, gives the reader both a thorough discussion of what to do after a collision and how to negotiate with insurers.  I advise the reader here, and elsewhere, that for small, minor injury cases it is okay to try to negotiate with an insurance company directly, but that for anything more, it is financially intelligent to retain an attorney.

Section 3 of my book, titled Attorney Help, discusses why individuals need an attorney for all but the smallest cases.  The three chapters in this section go into extensive detail and the inner workings, about what an attorney does, and how he or she does so.  I explain to the reader that having this knowledge is highly valuable, because it allows him or her to be a more prepared client, which in turn will produce better results.

Together, Section 4 of my book, titled Compensation For Your Car, and Section 5, titled Compensation For Your Injuries, provide the details and explanations for the reader to learn about getting money from auto insurance companies.  Section 4 has so much detail about car repair and the process that it alone is worth ten times whatever the price of the book becomes.  Section 5 is a complete discussion of every aspect of injury claims and ultimately how to get the most money.

Section 6, titled Cases Other than Car vs. Car, is a thorough discussion of different factual possibilities, such as being injured as a pedestrian, claims involving buses, trucks, hit and run accidents, drunk drivers, multiple accidents, and claims against government owned vehicles.

Section 7, titled Limiting Laws, or Why You Cannot Keep All of the Money, is an absolute eye-opener and vital information for the reader in gaining knowledge about the goal, getting and keeping as much money following an accident as possible.  Unfortunately, laws have skewed over the last decade toward allowing health insurers and the government, through Medicare or Medicaid, to recoup funds they paid for an auto accident victim’s medical bills.  When these groups take back money they have previously paid, the victim gets less.  This book’s reader will learn what to do to minimize the effect of some of these laws and thereby increase their  “net” funds.

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